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School Communicator

D6 Communicator software

We recently intalled some specialist software to make it easier for you to receive regular news and updates from school about your children.

The School Communicator software is widely used internationally, including the UK, South Africa and Australia. It is used by 70 of the premier schools and nurseries in the UAE alone, and we are proud to be the first to introduce it into Qatar.

Book Week and Pyjama Party

Book week - listening to a story

Many thanks to all those Mums and Dads who visited us to read stories to the children. They loved it!

Zumba class at Acorn Nursery

Zumba classes at Acorn Nursery

We would like to say a big thank you to Diyah for the wonderful Zumba class, the children had such fun!


Facebook page

If you haven't yet seen it, check out the Acorn Nursery Facebook page. This is updated frequently throughout the term to keep parents and friends updated with the goings-on at the nursery.


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